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Galcoville and the Forest, an eco-parable by Jane Robinson and Malachy Robinson

Nobody does it like the ICO
2020 led me down some interesting paths…

Taster for The Far Flung Trio

More Far Flung videos here

Great song by Dave Frishberg

Lunfardia: Casi Tradicional by Ariel Hernandez

ICO: Haydn, Le Soir – the bass-solo Trio from the Minuet

Summertime – a bit of fun with photographer Mick Quinn

CrashEnsemble play a piece I wrote for our 20th birthday

Lots more CrashEnsemble videos here!

Playing viol with chanteuse Caroline Moreau and guitarist Ariel Herandez
the Gregory Walkers: Autre Chaconne by Francesco Corbetta
the Robinson Panoramic Quartet: Sebastian Adams’ Work for Quartet